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Sorry we have not updated scores throughout the season. This has been a rebuilding year for the INTA and we are working on a new system to keep track of scores and easily update members while not over-burdening our volunteers. DON'T WORRY we have still been keeping track and the year end results are below. Thank You All For A Great Trials Season! 

Remeber, scores for the year end standings are earned by paid members only. 

1st Mike Harvey (30)

1st Gene Weinmaster (150)
2nd Jim Herbert (50)

1st Delbert Gumm (60)
2nd Sean Ahern (25)
3rd Mike Harvey (21)

1st Adam Edwards (90)
2nd Nickolas Khurs (74)
3rd Mark Johnson (72)
4th Grady Bachman (71)
5th Dewayne Rhodes (50)
6th Delbert Gumm (47)
7th Carl Carbon (40)
8th Sean Ahern (25)
9th Loren Hoephner (14)
10th Dan Conrad (12)
11th Brandon Cadwell (9)
12th Ben Farnsworth (8)

1st Richard Fullen (112)
2nd Chris Ginzton (111)
3rd Tyler Cosgrove (106)
4th Carl Carbon (34)
5th Loren Hoepfner (27)
6th Adam Edwards (14)

1st Caleb Hochstatter (61)
2nd Cam Bachman (21) 

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