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The Inland Northwest Trials Association (INTA) was formed to give motorcycle riders a chance to participate in amateur observed trials competition in Eastern Washington.

The first meeting and the vote to start it all happened at Bruce Christensen’s first trial at Hayden Lake.  The meeting was held in the Café at Camp MiVoden.  INTA was formed in 1986 after two other trials clubs, CANAM and Walla Walla Trials had ended several years earlier.  According to Layne Davis, one of INTA's founders, the workload of setting Observed Trials Events had caused a decrease in participation, and led to those previous clubs fading away.

Davis had been competing in trials for three years in New Mexico when he moved to Spokane in 1981. Disappointed there were no longer any local Washington trials clubs, he met with Jim Redman in 1982.  Redman, a fellow trials rider, had just moved back to the Spokane area.  They put on a trials event in northeastern Washington which attracted many riders, and they threw their efforts into setup, organizing, and teardown for others to enjoy.


 By 1985, Davis and Redman had recruited other trials riders willing to help out with the logistics, and several competitions were staged.  The foundations for INTA were established the following year.


The club has since expanded, and now has active members and participants from all over the inland northwest and beyond.

Only because of the efforts and dedication of its members, does INTA Trials continue to exist today.

Please E-mail us for more information, or if you're ready to start enjoying the best sport on two wheels.   Trials motorcycles will expose every weakness you have and make you a master of all your motorcycle adventures. Unlike other motorsports, in trials, you cannot spend more to get better, you actually have to do the work!

INTA Trials is a Registered Not-for-Profit with the IRS and the State of Washington.


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